Common Problem

  •  1. What is the name of your factory and where is it located in?

    Answer:Our factory name is China Zhongshan Litian Lighting CO.,Ltd, which is located in 2nd Yihui 2nd Road Maohui Industry, Sisha, Henglan Town, Zhongshan city, Guangdong Province, China.

  •  2. Are you the true manufacturer who manufactures the products from raw materials?

    Answer: We are a professional led lighting manufacturer.

  •  3. How many workers does your factory employ?

    Answer: There are 50 people in our company, including die casting workshop workers and assembly workers.

  •  4. How many production lines do you have?

    Answer: There are three products assembly lines and two products aging lines.

  •  5. How many product ranges do you have?

    Answer: We have three product ranges: outdoor commercial lighting, indoor commercial lighting and industrial lighting.

  •  6. Can we visit your factory in the future to meet you in person and walk the factory floor?

    Answer: Sure. Always welcome.

  •  7. Does your factory have your own molding machines to make the tooling in-house or is it outsourced?

    Answer:We have three molding machines to make the tooling in-house.

  •  8. What months are your factories busy peak seasons?

    Answer: The second quarter and the fourth quarter.

  •  9. What is your time frame to produce orders in normal off peak seasons?

    Answer: The production lead time of 500pcs led lights can be 15days.

  •  10. Are you able to manufacturer urgent orders / larger orders more quickly?

    Answer: Yes, we can.

  •  11. What is your MOQ?

    Answer: There is no MOQ.

  •  12. Do you have product standards or certificates for any countries?

    Answer: We have ETL, DLC of North America, and CE, ROHS and ENEC of Europe.

  •  13. Does your company currently export products to any countries and if so, what countrie?

    Answer: USA, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Dominica Republic, Poland, etc.

  •  14. If so, what are the standard codes & which countries are they for?

    Answer: ETL and CETL(Intertek 5011224),which is for North America.

  •  15. Who are your main customers?

    Answer: Eiko.

  •  16. Do you supply any large department stores?

    Answer: We do not directly sell led lights to the large department stores.

  •  17. What laboratory do you use for your standard approvals?


  •  18. Do you have a quality control system in place you can send me?


  •  19. Do you offer private labelling with my branding?

    Answer: Yes, sure.

  •  20. Can I include a A4 / A5 colour insert into each product? If so, what is the cost per insert / product? (We will provide the design for the design for insert.)

    Answer: Sure. It is free for you according to your quantity.

  •  21. Do you include spare parts for free? If so, what spare parts do you have? What percentage of the order can you offer free spare parts?

    Answer: Yes, it depends on your quantity. Over 1000pcs led lights can offer two free drivers and two led modules.

  •  22. Can your factory manufacture LED lighting fixture from plans that we have designed and engineered?

    Answer: Yes, we can do it.

  •  23. We will be providing product packaging from a factory in China, is this okay?

    Answer: Sure, it is ok.

  •  24. We will send your company 3D files and 2D files. These files will include details to manufacture custom design Driver PCB and enclosure also L.E.D PCB design and layout & heatsink design. Can your manufacture these components ?

    Answer: Yes, we can make it for you.

  •  25. Will your company be open to sign and company chop our N.N.N agreement and any other documents that will protect our intellectual property ?

    Answer: Yes, we will do it.

  •  26. Who will be my main contact person at your company?

    Answer: You can contact our sales manager Anna, whose email is Or contact our other sales colleagues.

  •  27. How about your product warranty?

    Answer: The warranty is 5 years.

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