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Litian Lighting Company Limited

Founded in 2010 in Zhongshan Guangdong China Province, Litian is a leading global manufacturer of outdoor architecture lighting and indoor commercial lighting products and solution. Litian LED Area Light were the first designed and delivered in 2012 and the company now has more than 1.5 million installations across North America. With ongoing research and development and a culture of continuous improvement, Litian is committed to developing innovative new lighting products and solutions that are reliable, long-lasting, and energy efficient.

Litian Lighting Company Limited

Litian Founding

In 1992 a Stanford PhD graduate and Hewlett Packard Optoelectronics veteran recognized that light emitting diodes (LEDs) were the future of outdoor lighting because they could provide significant energy savings, reliability, and long life compared to existing technologies. This new technology could save customers money and improve quality of light. First with traffic signal lighting and followed by street, roadway, and area lighting, Litian’s innovative engineering, efficient assembly processes, rigorous testing procedures, and excellent service have become the benchmark for others to follow.

Litian Lighting Co.,Ltd has monthly production of 5,000 products and monthly production value at US$1.1million and its main products including LED Area Light, LED Shoebox Light, LED High Bay Light, LED Linear High Bay Light, LED Wall pack and LED Canopy Light. All of these products have achieved certificates such as UL, ETL, DLC, FCC,ENEC and CE, and come with a minimum five-year warranty. Some have also been granted patents for utility models on the Chinese mainland.

Litian Standards, Qualifications and Specifications

Litian adheres to the highest production, qualification, safety and performance standards. Every quarter we have new models coming out and we produce LED products with more energy-efficient, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing than those already on the market. Installations of our products are much easier as well, helping customers to fatherly save on labor cost. In fact, all products have to undergo a series of tests before leaving the factory, Litian’s lighting products are subject to 100% 8-hour “burn-in” reliability testing and comprehensive performance testing prior to shipment, including a hi-pot test, light distribution test, light depreciation test, drop test, vibration test, water-proof test and integrating sphere test.

Litian is an ISO 9001 2015 certified manufacturer and is an active participant in industry organizations including ANSI/NEMA, Underwriter Laboratories (UL), Design Lights Consortium (DLC), International Dark Sky Association (IDSA), International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA), Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE), and the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA).

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